Monday 14 September 2009

Good Vs bad

If you would like to see some serious aw-factor stuff. Then click on this link and check out the newborn pictures. Makes you go all gooey it does. (None are of Cairn by the way)

BAD: If you need to be reminded that there are some serious w*nkers in the world, then read on. JK - there could be too much bad language for your. On Saturday afternoon I was out shopping (shock! horror). I had to send a work email and then sat my company Blackberry on the hood of the buggy. I realised about 20mins later that it wasn't there. After a many moments of panic, I started to retrace my steps, trying to phone from my mobile. My Blackberry kept going on to voicemail - so I presumed it was out of signal. But after a few attempts a man picked it up. I was totally relieved and starting gibbering that he had my phone and where could I meet him yada yada...until he said in his matter of fact best broken-English "No. No. It's my phone now" and hung up on me. After numerous attempts to call and a half-blubbering call to Sonic I had the same conversation with the thieving pr*ck. Then five minutes later low and behold the thieving pr*ck ACTUALLY called me back and said again in his best broken-English "Stop calling me. This is my phone now. This is my number". By that time I had completely lost the rag and was walking down Buchanan Street (Oh yes, on a Saturday afternoon now) hissing "you complete an utter wa*king b*stard. F*ck off where you belong to" Or something of that ilk. Classy, eh? Anyway I just went straight to my office and organised to get the sim wiped and the device disabled. Complete useless now. I'm all for culture diversity, but I'm totally bitter about this.

On to some running news (I appreciate the topic don't flow, but hey ho) I did a four mile recovery with Debbie Cox on Tuesday, 800m reps on Wednesday and a 10-miler on Saturday.

We're off to Morocco on Wednesday (a small jaunt in the High Atlas Mountains). See y'all when we we get back :-)


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

sharing is goooooooooooood!! x

Subversive Runner said...

Bummer, Debs. Not sure if you're gonna be at Falkirk on Tuesday, but if you are I'll tell you a tale of a similarly colourful conversation I had on the phone, in public, in Prestwick yesterday.


Davie said...

That equates to leaving a camera on the roof of the car. Hope your insurance company is as accomodating as mine!

John Kynaston said...

Our Hollie had a similar situation (though she didn't use your colourful language!)with someone who picked her phone and we too cancelled the sim.

Anyway have a great holiday.


N.D. said...

Oh my goodness! who does that!!

Anonymous said...

'e Brutto'
Buy a really cheap clunky phone, anyone wants to take mine I will tell them how cheap and worthless it is.
Only ever had one thing pinched, which was a hobbyists fruit bowl at an airport so putting it down for an instant was probably Freudian.
Not to mention likely a relief for the intended recipient. ;¬)

neet said...

good to vent! no use bottling up that negative energy! put the password protect on it! five tries and it is wiped and locked out automatically!