Friday 17 January 2014

UltraRunning magazine now available in the UK

There have been many times when I've nearly hit the "subscribe" button for the UltraRunning magazine.  I already subscribe to Runner's World, Running Fitness and Trail Running, so what's one more?  However, I've always been put off by the $100 annual subscription fee.   Even when I selflessly considered getting it for Sonic for a Birthday/Christmas gift.

But fret not, it's now available in the UK from the ULTRAmarathonRuningStore.  With no hefty upfront costs.   Click here for info

Here's the marketing bit..."Serving a loyal market of long-distance runners since 1981, UltraRunning magazine has long been established as “the voice of the sport”. Containing comprehensive and informative articles about all aspects of the sport of ultramarathoning, UltraRunning is a must-read for all who participate in the sport.  UltraRunning magazine is an invaluable resource for ultrarunners – experienced, new and aspiring endurance athletes seeking to go beyond the marathon. We provide helpful and entertaining content to ultrarunners, and measure our success by the accomplishments of our readers, and ultimately by the growth of the sport"

I received a copy this morning and I'm really impressed.  It's no flick-through read.  It's more like a book, so can safely justify the cover price.  Plus, it's completely different from my other magazine subscriptions.  

The January/February 2014 issue features: Rob Krar, Men's Ultrarunner of the Year; Are you tough enough? by Dean Karnazes ; 100-mile prep by Ian Sharman and ultra/life balance by Ellie Greenwood to name a few - as well as top race reports and product reviews. 


Ross Lawrie said...

Thanks for the 'heads up'. Similar to yourself, I've been very close in subscribing to it, as an overseas sub but just never committed - looks like I will now though... :)

Caroline Mckay said...

Love! Thought about subscribing to the international mailing so many times - glad I didn't now :-)