Friday 4 January 2013

Marcothon 2012 review

That's it over with for another year.  And with all previous Marcothons, it's been a blast.  There were a few days I cursed it (mainly post-red wine or in a storm), but I kind of miss it now.

At the last count, there were 1096 Marcothoners on Facebook.  That's over 100,000 minimum miles clocked up all over the world. 

Here's a summary of a my Marcothon training calendar. Double click to read.


Santababy said...

wow, reading that exhausts me¬! well done x

John Kynaston said...

Well done Debs.

Your mileage for December and for the whole year has been very impressive and shows why you had such a good year.

You deserved all the glory you gained in 2012.

Kaz said...

Do the words 'in moderation' mean anything to you lovely lady? Mad as a hatter, but hey, you only live once so why not! ;-) Wishing you joy and happiness for 2013.

Andy Cole said...

Great to see your diary, you should publish some more, it would wake one or two of us lazy souls up to what real running is! Have a great 2013.

DaveT said...

That is some serious mileage. My joints and muscles are suffering by just reading about that month.
All the best for 2013.